Vaccination Reminders

We endeavour to send vaccination reminders via text when your horse requires its vaccination.  However despite our best efforts, these systems are not infallible and we would politely remind our clients that it is the owners responsibility to ensure their horses vaccinations remain up to date.


Drug collections

It is practice policy that all drugs must be ordered before 11am if you wish to collect or have them posted the same day. This is to allow time for the vets to sign the drugs out to comply with pharmacy regulations.


Early settlement discount

Mayes and Scrine EVP offers a 5% discount for prompt payment within 48 hours of the visit.


Written Prescriptions

Please note that written prescriptions will need to be paid for at the time of the request.


Please note – Passports – Section 9

Due to the recent horsemeat scandal, we are now having to be quite strict that every horse has a valid pasport and that Section 9 has been signed excluding the horse from human consumption before certain drugs can be dispensed, particularly Danilon. Please also bring your passport with you to all appointments and when collecting drugs from the clinic.

To help us cut down on paper, if you would like to opt in to receive your reminders, letters, reports, insurance forms, and our newsletters by email please click here to let us know.