General Information





We endeavour to provide a personal, professional equine veterinary service.  We pride ourselves on our level of customer care and individual attention.


In exchange for our professional service we expect prompt settlement of our invoices.  In 2018 we intend to significantly reduce our outstanding debt.  However, we have absolutely no intention to penalise valued clients or those in genuine hardship.


We ask that new clients pay at the time of consultation – the 5% prompt payment discount described below will apply.


All our invoices state that we reserve the right to charge interest on outstanding debts.  We appreciate that invoices get lost, or clients may be away.  Accounts are due within 14 days of the date of invoice and we send a reminder after 30 days.  We offer a 5% discount for payment at the time of the visit or payment over the phone within one working day of the visit.

We will accept payment by cash, cheque, or most credit and debit cards.  Invoices may be settled by automatic transfer/BACS by prior arrangement but will not be eligible for the 5% discount.


If no payment is received after the 30 day reminder we reserve the right to add interest to your account.  This is to cover the time and increased costs involved in collecting the delayed payment. After 90 days, we will automatically instruct a debt collecting agency.  A minimum administration fee of £40 will be charged at this stage.  We will also reconsider our relationship.


As per our legal obligation we register every year with the Information Commissioners Office (Data Protection), to this end we will not give out any client information/animal medical history without prior consent from the owner (the only exception is a hospital referral when the referral centre will require this information.)


If you have any concerns about your invoice or the service you have received, then please do not hesitate to contact us.  All of our staff, including the office manager (Jane Best) and the directors (Ben Mayes and Judy Scrine) are available to discuss any issues.